European Voluntary Service

Why was the project Erasmus+ created?

The Erasmus+ is born in order to:

  • Improve key competences and young people skills,included that with fewer opportunities;
  • Promote their effective participation, active citizenship, intercultural debate,social inclusion and solidarity through opportunity of learning and collaboration betweendifferent sectors.

What is European Voluntary Service?

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) forms part of the Action K1 – Young people’ mobility (Erasmus+ project). This programme offers to young people between 17 and 30 years old the chance to carry out a voluntary experience from 2 months to a year, in one of the 28 countries member of the European Union or other partner countries, within entity and associations that work in social, culturar and environmental field.

For the volunteer all the costs (travel from – and to Italy, possible internal movements, language course, board and lodging) are covered by the co-financing supplied by the european commission in the Erasmus+ project’ field.

The volunteer is not remunerated, but he get weekly or monthly an amount of money for his personal expenses(pocket money) depending on the host country.

During the year there are 3 deadline for submitting the application form:

  • People selected the 4 february 2014 leave: 4 June 2014 -31 december 2014
  • People selected the 30 april leave: 1°august 2014 – 28 february 2015
  • People selected the 1 october leave: 1°January 2015- 30 september 2015

It is possible to consult the list of opportunities in the european database.

During the voluntary service are planned 3 trainings:

  • ARRIVAL TRAINING – only for EVS of more than 2 months
  • MID-TERM EVALUATION- only for EVS of more than 6 months
  • ANNUAL EVENT EVS – it lasts,on average,1-2 days

As from EVS (2015),  it will be available the online linguistic support, a linguistic platform to facilitate language learning in the host country. It will be available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch.

At the end of the experience, the volunteer will have the right to have the YOUTHPASS oriented to the recognition of the experience of non-formal learning.

Our experience evs

Our experience begins in 2009 when we have been accreditated as sending and coordinating organization (Accreditation: 2012-IT-101).

We support the volunteer in the search of an abroad reception organisation and other organisations in the search and reception of volunteers.

Reception and sending of volunteers

If you would like to come…

If you would like to come…

If you are interested in our projects in Italy, in this section you will find new voluntary oportunities. You can read more about us in the european database:

Progetto Zattera Blu:

In addition, we also cooperate with:

Casa a Colori:
Comunità Servizi:
L’Orsa Maggiore:

New opportunities:

If you want to participate in another period, fill out this form: EVS in Italy.

Gallery M.E.E.T “More Education, Employment, Training” (October 2014- August 2015)

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If you would like to leave…

If you would like to leave…

We plan group informative session. If you are interested in european voluntary service, if you want to know in what does it consist and what does it offer, send us an e-mail to:

In this section you will find new informative planned session, interesting materials and offers of our european countries.

In this moment there aren’t new offers.


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