Promotion of voluntary work

Social Day

Social Day

From 2012 the Progetto Zattera Blu took on the coordination of the Social Day project in the area of Alto Vicentino. The project is supported by the Pegoraro Romanatti foundation situated in Thiene (VI) and realized with the active collaboration of the cooperatives Adelante (Bassano del Grappa), Radicà (Calvene), Samarcanda (Schio).

Schools and companies that are interested in joining the project, can contact the organizational secretariat at the following number: +39 0445 325393 or send an email to: stating in the topic “Social Day 2015”.


Social Day 2014
Social Day 2013

SAME European Network

Through the MODS project (“Mirrors Of Democracy And Solidarity”) was made possible the creation of S. A. M. E. “Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe” (, a network made up of different european youth organizations and cooperatives engaged in the social area.


Every year these associations organize and actualize an other project called Action Day or Social Day (to get info about how to take part enter the section Social Day), a day in which children and youngs are invited to choose a ‘job’ and to carry it out in place of normal school activities. Open donations or the compensation that boys and girls earn from the work they carried out will be devolved to projects that help youg people in the whole wide world.

SAME2Organizations that belong to S. A. M. E. are engaged through the supported projects, in the defense, protection and promotion of human and solidarity rights, offering to young people from different cultures the possibility to learn from each other, to reinforce their sense of responsibility and to be active citizen in the membership society. Il S. A. M. E. furthermore it wants to give to young people the possibility to be heard, so that they could influence public opinion and politic in a positive way.

On this subject all the member organizations meet every year for a meeting during which young people find a place of comparisons, useful in order to elaborate together values and/or common guidelines, such as Guidelines of Quality.
Below the member organizations of network S.A.M.E.:

SAME1 Italy- Social Cooperative Zattera Blu Project (Calvene- VI)
Italy- Operation DayWork ONLUS (Bolzano)
Belgio- Zuiddag
Danimarca- Operation  Dagsværk
Germania- Schüler Helfen Leben
Serbia- Zajecar Initiative
Serbia- Union of secondary school students of Serbia
Norvegia- Operasjon Dagsverk

From 29 July to 3 August of this year, in Bruxelless will be realized a new international meeting called “Sharing mirrors of solidarity”, where young people will meet in order to share the results of local initiatives and of the communication campaign.

Civil service

What is civil service?

Civil service is a possibility for italian young people from 18 to 28 years, of dedicating a year of their own life in favour of a commitment of solidarity.

Jessica 2013-14/ Jessica 2014-15

Jessica 2013-14/ Jessica 2014-15

In the Venetian regional territory it’s possible to take part to two announcements, the national one and the regional one.

What does it guarantee to young people?

The voluntary civil service guarantees to young people a strong educational and training value volontario, and it’s an important and unique occasion of personal growth, an opportunity of active citizenship education, a precious tool to encourage social and professional integrations contributing to the cultural and economic development of our country. A training opportunity towards professional profiles oriented to the constitutional principle of social solidarity, an opportunity for the development of the third sector in our country. An experience of new citizen’ pact between young people and istitutions, in which duties of solidarity, that find new forms of expression, and individual rights find a balance. Furthermore, who choose the civil service has the chance of a professional enrichment through active work in a sector of interest, relating and cooperating with expert professionals and following focused training paths.

Civil Service is therefore a qualifying element in terms of curricula when it doesn’t become even a job opportunity.

Requirements for application

Italian and community’citizens, without sexual distinction, that, at the date of the submission of the application, are between 18 and 28 years old, can take part in the selection when they have the following requirements:

  • be italian or community citizens, residing or domiciled in Veneto;
  • don’t have been convicted with a first instance for non-culpable crimes committed through violence against people or for crimes concerning the belonging to subversive groups or to organized crime.

The participation’ requirements must be possessed by the date of the deadline for the presentation of the applications and,with the exception of the age limit, kept until the end of the service.

The application can’t be presented by young people that:

  1. at the moment are doing civil service or that have already done it as volunteers under the terms of the regional law n.18 of 2005, therefore that have interrupted the service before the expected expiry date
  2. have business and collaboration relationship remunerated in any title, with the entity that realizes the project.

(Source: Regione Veneto)