Who are we

We are a Onlus social cooperative that works, above all in the Alto vicentino area and in the Treviso area, as facilitator in the relationship between the different subjects of the territory (cooperatives and associations, public and private authorities and individuals).

Our story begins in 1984 when it’s formed the social cooperative Primavera Nuova” in Schio, for making interventions to educational support and job placement. With the law of ’91 on social cooperatives, divided into type A (person services) and type B (employment), Primavera Nuova” focuses on job placement and was born, in 1993, the cooperative ‘La Zattera Blu’ in Schio (VI) for person services. In 2003, after promoting the birth of three new social cooperatives, we turned into Progetto Zattera Blu.

cronogramaActually we are the umbrella-organisation of four cooperatives: Adelante (Bassano del Grappa, VI) Samarcanda (Schio, VI), Radicà (Calvene, VI) and Kirikù (Crocetta del Montello, TV). As umbrella organisation, we coordinate and organise activities for the common good, putting together everyone’s resources (talents, materials, information etc.) with the purpose of promoting a community spirit tha would be able to create communion and to give more power to our voices. Our cooperatives work in autonomy and this allows us to expand and diversify our interventions with a view of innovation, prevention, experimentation and mutual cooperation.