In our journey it’s important to stop and meditate, to share ideas and to meet different subject that could enable us to keep calling ourselves into question. the aim is to mantain an active debate and to collaborate with different reality, we join, we take part and communicate with coordinations, associations, groups,factories and other subjects that search for the social welfare, as we do.


Immagine 12 cons_logo_cnca

 The National coordination reception community (CNCA) is an association for social promotion organized in 17 regional federations to which join about 250 organizations situated in fast all the italian regions; they are for example social cooperative, association for the social promotion, voluntary associations, religious institutions. It is present in all the sectors of discomfort and marginalization, the aim is to promote citizenship and social welfare rights.


Consorzio Prisma works in different social sector with many consortium projects that involve one or more cooperatives in order to carry out different activities.Immagine 13 prisma

In order to achieve its own objectives, Consorzio Prisma works through territorial and sectoral coordination for the development of social politicies, of active policies of work and of productive activities with the aim of developing its own social fabric and its own territory.


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Libera is a coordination of more than 1550 associations, groups,schools, basic realities, territorially engaged in order to create political, cultural and organizational synergies able to spread the culture of legality The law on the social use of properties that have been confiscated from mafias, the education to the democratic legality, the engagement against corruption, the training camps against mafia, projects about job and development, antiusury activities, are some of the concrete engagements of Libera. Libera is admitted as association of social promotion from the ministery for social solidarity.